BA in Mixed Media, Loughborough University
Abstract Painting

It all comes down to memory: precious and treasured, elusive, lost, inaccurate yet true. Caroline tries to capture the essence of an experience, a fugitive and unrepeatable moment that was intensely important.

She has an ongoing fascination with the circle, the most elemental and universal shape, not only in nature but also in every culture on earth. Her visual vocabulary has developed from the exclusive use of the circle in earlier work to include almost calligraphic mark-making, inspired by the process of making music and, most recently, experiments in virtual reality.  It all connects to her meditation on the fugitive nature of memory over time, the existence of gestures and traces that would otherwise be lost.​

An English/French artist, now based in London after several years living and working in India and China, her work draws on her experience of displacement, loss and the importance of remembering.

Her artwork ranges in scale from small studies to large canvases, often to commission.