BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins
Abstract Painting

Kitty Jenkins’ work explores notions of identity and recognition, probing and stretching definitions of individuality, form and structure. Her paintings deal with the inevitable loss of a singular identity in a painting’s subject, infavour of constructions of a multi-layered and abstract structure, which reach towards but never grasp a traditionally unified identity.

Through a series of oil paintings, drawings and prints that focus predominantly on the figure and its structural complexities, she aims to confront concepts of representation and likeness.

The resulting structures are constructed from a myriad array of references (figurative, organic and inanimate) and attempt to dissimilate the individual identity in favour or a fluid arrangement between figurative painting and abstraction.

These works are built up from fragments of people and environments. The human body is broken down and combined with either organic (plant matter, stones) or inanimate (cloth, furniture etc..) objects and restructured in a new setting. Through these abstracted figuresshe examines the boundaries between forms and explores the isolation of the figurative structure from surrounding elements.

These new structures consider perceptions of continual upheaval and change, skirting and touching upon a contemporary society that embodies ideas of constant progression,modernisation, violence and alienation in which an objective commonplace is weakened and set definitions of identity are blurred.