Studio Arts Programme Turps Art School
Figurative Painting

My practice is centred on figurative painting whilst exploring the existential themes of human life. An intuitive and instinctive approach to painting goes some way into visually unpicking the visible world we find ourselves in; vivid colours and bold drawing go to merge figures and spaces into one entity. 

In the age of the digital I find myself drawn to the very ordinariness of the human condition and so my paintings take the everyday as its subject matter; this ordinariness is the very essence of being a human.

Exaggerated personal, mythical, mystical and symbolic imagery evokes questioning and opens up an imaginative space for the viewer to occupy. Multiple layers of paint and fast, instinctive, often random brush work reflects the intensity, physicality, and complexity of the reality we live in.

Spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical themes including geometry, symmetry and synchronicity are very much present in my most recent work through which I explore the effects of harmonised aesthetics on to the observer.