• Totem I.V
  • Totem I.V

Totem I.V

Aphra shemza


Mixed media
Edition 1 of 6
80 x 25 x 6 cm 

The Totem series uses traditional sculpting techniques, organic materials and technology, creating a balance between these conflicting entities. In using the word Totem, the artist evokes a spiritual reference fusing the idea of a natural material with technology and creating these emblems for our times. They serve to highlight our connection to one another, technology and the digital world we live in, looking towards the future and what the possibilities of this hybrid nature could be.

The Totem series is highly versatile looking stunning in both the light and dark.

Totems travel in a crate which is included in the sale price of the work.

The piece uses electricity and is supplied with a standard UK power lead. This can be adjusted for worldwide countries on request.